Current Shows

Ongoing Performances

Broadway Villa Every Monday morning at 10 am to 1130 with Steve Della Majorria
Sonoma Post Actute every Weds from 1030 to 1130. Am Solo show with I real pro
Ambiance Trio at Verena and Creekside Villa Monthly

Dan Chic Trio Akemis in Berkeley. Many Friday nights

Jami Jamison Band Gigs

August 12 Funky Fridays 7Pm to 9 Pm

JJ August 17th Legends At Bennett Valley
JJ August 18th Muscardini Winery
JJ August 25 Paradise Ridge winery
JJ Sept 1 Brewsters Beer Garden in Petaluma
JJ Sept 8 Muscardini winery
JJ Sept 9 Montgomery Village
JJ Sept 14 Sebastiani Winery
JJ Sept 29 Private party
JJ Oct6 Muscardini winery
JJ Oct 26 The red Brick Petaluma