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The great blog post

Every journey has to start somewhere. Musically mine was when I was 12 and got my first trpt. Man was that fun. I remember the smell, the feel of the horn, how my lips hurt from buzzing notes. And most importantly how I was last chair in the band.

Somehow I convinced my parents to fork over the 5 dollars a week for a lesson (I charge 50 now and I’m cheap!) and I walked 45 minutes to my teachers house. I really loved taking lessons as much as playing the horn. I think I got more positive reinforcement from my 30 minute than I got from the rest of the week from my parents.   More later but thats how I started all this.

I played Trot from 4th grade until 2nd year collage. Then I made the switch to Sax. I felt that I”d never be able to demonstrate my musicianship on trpt but it seemed to work on on Sax. So I went from beginner to lead alto in the jazz band in 3 years and pro after graduation. I played in a great top 40 band Bob Kubans brass. We played the Cardinal Football games in St Louis . fun times.