These are just  a few of the Venues I’ve had the opportunity to perform at.
I have been active in Sonoma/Napa/Marin county for 20 years. Before that I was a full time Pro in St Louis.

Aventine Restaruant Glen Ellen Sonoma Soul

Palooza Restaurant Sonoma Soul

Vineyard Inn Restaurant Sonoma Soul

Hot box Restaurant Sonoma Soul

Spreckles Performance Center  Jami Jamison Band
Imagery Winery  JJ Band
Sebastiani Wnery JJBand
Italian Cultural Center  JJband
Mozzaco Winery JJband

Burlingame Hall JJband
The Swiss Hotel JJband
Luther Burbank Center JJband
Sonoma Jazz Festival JJband  2nd year for this
The Tradewinds JJband
The Hydrobar JJband

Cline Winery JJband  (very nice event, 600 people)
Jacuzzi Winery JJ band
Barking Dog Joe Chaplan band
Sonoma Plaza 4th of July Joe Chaplan
Krush Radio party opening for Rob Schnider The Whiskey Thieves
Benicia Wine and Jazz weekend  Jami Jamison

100 Acre Winery St Helena TWT
El Verono INN TWT and Jami
Uva Trattoria  Napa  JJB
Vionce Winery Napa Whiskey Thieves
Christys on the Square  JJB
Muscadini  Winery  JJB

El Verono Inn JJB

Rodney Strong Winery JJB

Cuchina Viansa JJB

Palooza Restaurant Sonoma Soul

Aventine Restaurant Sonoma Soul

Burgers and Vine BackTrax

Wilson Winery  JJB

Sebastiani  Backtrax. JJB, Joyride

Funky Fridays (at Sugarloaf Park) JJB, Backtrax

BR Cohn Winery (opening for Journey) The Whiskey Thieves

Sonoma Jazz Festival (opening for Joe Cocker) TWT
Sonoma Plaza (many events)TWT

Back in St Louis In the early days of my playing!!
Busch Stadium (50,000 Cardinal fans)  Bob Kubans brass
Many Clubs , private events, you name it . Great Working band. Bob Kubans Brass
4th of July at the Arch  UMSL Jazz band (sst of 400K listening attending)
Channel 9 St Louis    Umsl Jazz band and Jim Manly Jazz Ensemble